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Tornion KTK- Harrastesprint

Notice of Race

Tornio KTK – Harrastesprint. 07/20/2019
Tornio Kehäkangas.
The competition is governed by Hamun’s sprint rules.
The competition starts at 11.00.
The race track with a gravel surface of about 3.5 km.
Running two rounds of total time will determine the ranking. Departure time + 1 minute. Stop bypass without stopping. No time.
Categories of the most common sprint categories.
Awards for memorabilia.
A maximum of 100 competitors will be entered in the competition.
Participation fee 80 €, youth 40 €. Payable at check-in.
The registration ends on 14.7 at 23.59.
Tornion ralliharrastajat. FI6154750020164658.

Enrollment will be opened after the result service.

Welcome to Race!

For more information, please contact Vesa Törmä 0400 589683.